TELEX ​ADHB-4 Advanced Digital Headset Box


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Product Overview

ADHB-4 Advanced Digital Headset Box. If you have any questions, please contact us (M-F: 8AM-4PM) Mountain Time.


  • Ethernet Communication
  • Six (6) Audio Channels
  • Full color LCD Screen
  • One (1) Dual Channel 1/4” Headset Jack
  • One (1) XLR Connector to Accept any Low Impedance Microphone
  • One (1) Desk Mic Jack
  • One (1) Phone Jack
  • One (1) NENA I/O Jack with Offhook Detection
  • Separate Headset Volume Control Knobs for Select
  • Supports up to Three (3) pairs of speakers
  • Any standard amplified speaker
  • LED Power and PTT Indicator
  • 12VDC Operation
  • Two (2) Headset Jacks to Support Two (2) Remote Headset Boxes
  • ADHB-4 provides power to an RHB
  • Dual channel 1/4” headset jack
  • Volume control knob


(No reviews yet) Write a Review