Telex Model IP-223 Ethernet Remote Panel


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Product Overview

Telex Model IP-223 Ethernet Remote Panel. Please contact us with any further questions. 


The IP-223 bridges two-way radios and other communications devices onto the IP dispatch network. It also enables a number of other functions:

Multiple types of communications interface: IP, 2-wire, 4-wire, iDEN, local control, and TDI with phone.

Seven functional modes available in every device:

Local – Direct connection to any radio, bridging it onto the IP network.

Tone – Generate standard control tones via conventional connections to radio.

Console – Bridge analog consoles into an IP dispatch network.

Crosspatch/Repeater – Directly patch communications devices on the network without a console. It can also be used to extend coverage.

Phone – Connects a standard POTS telephone line to the dispatch network via the TDI.

iDEN – Puts iDEN phones onto the dispatch network and provides advanced access and control.

TETRA – Provides access to advanced features of the TETRA system via an interface with Sepura radios.

Telex System Manager: View, manipulate, and manage multiple Telex device parameters and settings. Easily detect all Telex devices on the network for easy configuration.

Each IP-223 allows you to connect and control up to two communications devices from any dispatch location on the network; that network can be within a single building, or can

reach across the entire country—wired or wireless.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review