Motorola MCS2000 VHF Model 2 110 Watts 146-174 HAM M01KLM9PW6AN


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Product Overview

Motorola MCS2000 VHF Model 2 110 Watts 146-174 HAM

Description :

Motorola MCS2000 VHF Remote Mount Flashport Model II, model number M01KLM9PW6AN. This is a 110 watt, 160 channel radio with a band split of 146-174 Mhz. Unit comes complete with palm mic (May differ from what mic is pictured), external speaker, control head, control cable, mounting tray and power cable. Radio is in excellent shape and guaranteed not DOA. Free programming is available (1-16).  If you have any questions please contact us.  Office Hours M-F (8-4 pm) Mountain Time

Key Capabilities

  • System Compatibilities - Compatible with conventional, simulcast, AMSS, StartSite?, SMARTNET, SMARTNET Type I SECURENET?, StatAlert?, and SmartZone
  • Narrow Band Operation - Software configurable bandwith operation for VHF and UHF can be programmed to operate at 12.5, 25, or 30 kHz channel bands.
  • Broad Band Operation - Offers unprecedented band extensions in VHF and UHF-one radio covers multiple sub-bands. This makes interoperability between organizations on adjacent sub-bands easier and more economical.
  • Mobile Data Capability - Operates in either voice or data modes within one radio, allowing the user to send and receive both types of information. This includes analog, VRM 100 and VRM 500 data.
  • Portable Companion Radio - Compatible with the MTS 2000 portable radio series, sharing a number of key characteristics: similar software option, feature availability, radio programming, display output, feature operation, ergonomics and appearance.

Motorola MCS200 Features

The MCS 2000 may be one of the smallest radios in its class, but it doesn't stop short with it many features. The three models of the MCS 2000 are sure to meet users' needs perfectly.

Model Options

  • Model I
    This mobile analog radio has many useful features that the customer is sure to benefit from. Some of these features include:
    • 1 x 8 alphanumeric display
    • 5 programmable buttons
    • 4w internal speaker
    • Channels 48 std/150 optional
  • Model II
    This mobile radio has a large display and speaker as well as many buttons to fit the users needs without added complexity. Additional features include:
    • 14 alphanumeric display
    • 13 programmable buttons
    • 7.5w external speaker
    • Channels 160 std/250 optional
  • Model III
    The third model of the MCS 2000 has a diverse range of features that are sure to provide the most flexibility for the user. Additional features include:
    • 2 x 14 alphanumeric display
    • 11 programmable buttons
    • 7.5w external speaker
    • Channels 160 std/250 optional

NOTE:  If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout.  We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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