Motorola XTS5000 Model II VHF 136-174 Mhz 1000 Ch P25 Digital


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Product Overview

Motorola XTS5000 VHF radio - model number H18KEF9PW6_N. This is a 5 watt, 1000 channel radio with a band split of 136-174 Mhz.  Unit comes complete with antenna, battery, belt clip and rapid charger. 

**** PLEASE NOTE - The housings on these radios are in FAIR condition.

Flashcode = 580008-000482-0.  Unit is capable of both analog and P25 digital operation.  Free programming is available (1-16) conventional only.  If you have any questions please contact us.

Flashcode = 580008-000482-0:

Q806: ASTRO IMBE Digital Operation
H14: Enhanced Digital ID Display
Q498: Hardware Multikey Encryption w/ OTAR
H38: SmartZone Systems Operation
Q173: SmartZone Omnilink MultiZone Operation
Q361: ASTRO 25 9600 Baud Trunking

Q446: Fireground Voice/Channel Announcement


(No reviews yet) Write a Review