Motorola TRBO XPR6350 VHF (136-174MHz) Portable Radio


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Product Overview

This is a VHF 136-174 Mhz TRBO radio will program in both analog and digital mode.

Band, Split, Ch, Watts

Model Number


VHF Band, 136-174 Mhz, 32 channel,  5 Watts


This Portable Two-Way Handheld Radio comes complete with Antenna, Battery, Charger & Belt Clip.

The radio delivers increased capacity, exceptional voice quality, extended battery performance and integrated data communication. MOTOTRBO is built to the globally recognized ETSI DMR Tier 2 standard.


  • Tri-color LED indicator for clear, visible feedback of calling, scanning, roaming and monitoring features.


  • Emergency button to alert supervisor or dispatcher in an emergency situation.


  • Accessory connector meets IP57 specifications and incorporates RF, USB and IMPRES™ audio capability.


  • Integrated GPS module enables the use of location-tracking data applications


  • Radio housing meets IP57 specifications; submersible in 1 meter of fresh water up to 30 minutes. Offers intrinsically safe options for use in locations where flammable gas, vapors or combustible dust may be present.


  • Powerful, front projecting speaker.


  • Three side programmable buttons for easy access to favorite features.


  • Large, textured push-to-talk button provides good tactile response and easy access, even when wearing gloves.


  • 32 channels


(No reviews yet) Write a Review