Decibel dbSpectra DB4060-WOC-C Duplexer VHF 136-174 MHz Bandpass Reject 4 Cavity


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Product Overview

Designed for VHF duplex systems that operate with close frequency spacing. These units are currently tuned to the VHF amateur band with .600 khz  frequency spacing.   Duplexer design consists of 8-inch diameter quarter-wave coaxial cavities. They are interconnected in a band pass band reject configuration using double shielded coaxial cable.


  • Minimum Channel Spacing: .5 MHz
  • 80 dB transmitter noise attenuation at the receiver frequency.
  • 4 cavity model DB4060 uses two transmitter and two receiver cavities.  
  • Can couple two transmitters, two receivers or two simplex units into a common antenna with frequencies separated by 500 or 300 kHz or more.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review