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Motorola XTL1500 Mobile Radio XTL 1500 XTL-1500


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    This is a Motorola XTL1500 is a 40W, P25 mobile radio available in the options listed below. These radios are capable of both analog and P25 conventional operation. Unit comes complete with palm mic, external speaker, control head, control cable, mounting tray and power cable. 

    VHF 136-174, 48ch, 50W M28KSS9PW1_N
    UHF 380-470, 48ch, 40W M28QSS9PW1_N
    UHF 450-520, 48ch, 40W M28SSS9PW1_N
    800 764-870, 48ch, 35W M28URS9PW1_N
    900 896-940, 48ch, 30W M28WRS9PW1_N
    XTL1500 Flashcode
    UHF 500008-00048C-7
    VHF 500001-000000-8
    800 5080C8-00148C-2
    900 508001-000000-1

    The Motorola includes following features:

    • Scan
    • Multicolored LED Indicators
    • 4 Programmable Buttons - Easy access to favorite features. Optional keypad microphone allows you to scroll through the menu and access up to 16 programmable features
    • Programmable Emergency Button - Alerts dispatcher in an emergency situation
    • Backlit 8-Character Alphanumeric Display - User friendly icons and soft menu so you easily view status and access features.
    • Display for viewing of channel names and Caller ID
    • Large Channel and Push Button On/Off Volume Knobs
    • 7.5 Watt External Speaker Allows for clear, crisp communication in loud environments
    • P25 Conventional Upgradeable
    • 12.5/25 kHz Switchable Channel Spacing (VHF/UHF)
    NOTE:  If you would like special programming please leave a note on the checkout page. 

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