Telebyte Fiber Optic Auto Powered Line Driver


  • $80.00

18 Available.


You are viewing a NEW open box TELEBYTE Auto Powered Fiber Optic Line Driver - Female Connector.

Model: 271 F/ST

  • Full Duplex to 56 KBPS

  • 2 Kilometers on 62/125 Fiber

  • Total Electrical Isolation

  • Eliminates Noise Problems

  • ST Connectors

  • Auto Powered and Powered Versions Available

The Model 271 provides feature packed performance and reliability for data transmission over glass fiber. The Model 271 Auto Powered Fiber Optic Line Driver provides full duplex, asynchronous communications over two fibers. Cable length can be up to 1.5 miles with data rates as high as 56 KBPS. The Model 271 has been optimized for 62/125 fiber cables – however, other sizes can also be used. The power budget for the 271 with 62/125 cable is 12dB. The operating power for the Model 271 is derived from the transmit data line. Where this is not desirable the Model 271 can be ordered as the Model 271A with a wall mounted power pack. The Model 271 is equipped with a DTE/DCE switch that reverses pins 2 and 3 of the RS-232 connector. The RS-232 port can be implemented as a male or female DB25 connector. The fiber cable port connectors are industry standard ST types. These units retail for $150+, please call 720-459-7557 if you have any questions.

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