Vertex VX-427A UHF (450-490MHz) LTR Portable Radio (Engraved)

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Product Overview

The Vertex VX-427A-4-5 LTR UHF is a 5 watt, 32 channel / 250 group radio with a band split of 450-490 MHz.  Radios are in great condition, but have a little bit of some professional engraving on the bottom of the front (as seen in the pictures).  Radios are guaranteed fully operational. Units comes complete with antenna, battery, belt clip and rapid charger.  These units can be programmed for both wide band and narrow band operation. 

General Specifications:
UHF: 450-490MHz
5Watts (selectable to 1 W)
32 Systems / 250 Groups
Password Protected Software

  • 8 Character Alpha-Numeric display
  • Available in easy to use 4 key versions
  • Available for either PassPort or LTR systems!
  • Multi-mode Scan (Dual Watch, Priority, Follow-me)
  • CTCSS / DCS Encode & Decode
  • Compander
  • Built-in Voice Encryption (no option board required)

Password Protected Software
The radio file can be password protected to ensure no one else can read your radio's data file. If password protected, when you read the radio, it will require the programmer to enter the password.

Useful Display
The LCD display shows system and group alpha-tags. Also on the display are a battery gauge encryption and RSSI indicator.

Compact Rugged LTR Portable
The new LTR portable is based on the proven chassis of the conventional VX-420 portable. It's small size, rugged design and construction provide for years of reliable, dependable service.

Emergency Feature Standard
There is a built in Emergency feature that allows for a 'panic switch' to call for help.

Memory for Many Tasks
The VX-420A is small in size only. The radio comes standard with enough memory for 32 systems and 250 groups in LTR mode. Also included is conventional mode with up to 250 channels.

Encryption is Standard
Inversion scrambling is included as standard.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review