THALES PRC-7332 Liberty Multiband (VHF, UHF, 700 & 800Mhz) P25 FPP GREAT CONDITION

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THALES PRC-7332 Liberty 1

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Product Overview

Description :

THALES PRC-7332 Liberty Multiband (VHF, UHF, 700 & 800Mhz) PHASE 1 P25 field programmable radio.   Each radio includes an individual charger, full spectrum antenna, NEW lithium battery w/ belt clip, one spare USED battery and field operations guide.   All radios are in very good condition and guaranteed fully operational.  Features included are field programmable, P25 Trunking, AES & DES Encryption, OTAR, MDC1200 and wideband.  We also have programming cables for these radios for an extra $95.00 if interested.  Please inquire if you are interested in higher quantities of radios as we can do discounted pricing and include Six-Bank Multi-chargers.  Sorry, but we are unable to program trunking systems for you.  If you have any questions please contact us.



Frequency Range :

VHF (136-174 MHz)

UHF (380-520 MHz)

700 (769-775 Rx/Tx, 799-805 Tx MHz)

800 (806-824 Tx, 851-869 Rx/Tx MHz)


Modes of Operation:

Analog 12.5/25 kHz

P25 Digital (12.5 kHz), Conventional

P25 Trunking


Channel Spacing:

12.5/25 kHz Channels

2.5/3.125 kHz Frequency Increments


Frequency Stability:

1.5 ppm (-30

C to +60



Legacy Analog FM Radios

MDC-1200 Signaling

P25 Digital Radios

P25 Trunking Systems


Programmable Channels:

Up to 2608 Conventional Channels or Trunked Talkgroups (Any Combination)

10 Banks (Groups of Zones)

175 Zones (Up to 16 Channels/Talkgroups Each)


User Programmable from:

  • Front Panel Menu
  • PC Programmer
  • Radio-to-Radio Cloning


Clear/Encrypted Selection on a Channel-by-Channel or Talkgroup Base

Password Protected to Limit Access


Key features include:

  • All public safety frequency bands: 136-174Mhz, 380-520Mhz, 700 and 800 MHz
  • Multiple modes: Project 25 (P25) conventional and trunked; Legacy analog
  • OFB DES and AES encryption
  • Over-the-Air-Rekey (OTAR)
  • Mil Spec rugged
  • Submersible to two meters
  • Field Programmable

Benefits include:
  • Direct connection for federal agencies, state/local governments, DoD
  • Perfect "Cache" radio for natural disasters
  • Mutual aid channels for rapid deployment

Approvals include:

  • DOI:
    • Tiers 1, 2, and 3
    • Fire, Law Enforcement
  • DHS Project 25 CAP:
    • RKB Database: Product Details
    • RKB Database: Certification and Declaration Details (SDoC)
  • OTAR:
    • Customs and Border Protection
  • J/F-12 Certified


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