Trak Systems Model 9100 GPS Time Standard Motorola Simulcast System


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This is a Trak GPS time standard, model number 9100. This unit was used in a Motorola Smartzone Simulcast system. Unit is in great shape and guaranteed fully operational. We have 6 of these units that we will auction off over the next few weeks. If you have any questions I can be reached at 303 550-2277 David

©TRAK Microwave Corp. 10/03
he Model 9100 is a robust and versatile modular frequency and time system. Ultra-stable frequencies, rates, and
telecom outputs are all referenced to GPS. Disciplined oscillators include both double oven crystal oscillators and
rubidium oscillators. Once synchronized to GPS, sophisticated oscillator discipline algorithms maintain a high degree of
precision and smoothness on all outputs. The Model 9100 is highly configurable, featuring a wide selection of hot
swappable, plug-in functional modules. Dual redundant configurations include two antennas, GPS receivers, oscillators,
and power supplies. For increased versatility, the Models 9200 and 9300 Distribution Units are available for producing
additional frequency, digital, and telecom outputs. For users requiring large quantities of output signals, up to four Model
9200’s or 9300’s may be “daisy chained” to a single Model 9100 with status of all units communicated through the Model
9100. Model 9200 has 56 outputs and Model 9300 has 48 outputs.
The Model 9100 system consists of a main frame with plug-in modules and provides precise time and frequency outputs
from GPS derived references. While the Model 9100 was designed as a redundant system, it can be configured for non-
redundant operation. With its modularity and as timing requirements change, fielded units are easily upgraded with addi-
tion or change of appropriate modules (within constraints of available module locations).
Single or Dual Redundant Configurations
GPS Discipline of Crystal and Rubidium Oscillators
Low Phase Noise and Spurious on Sine Wave Outputs
Modules "Hot Swappable"
RS-232 and Network Interfaces
Network Time Server
GPS Reference
Module Slots: Two
Module Slots: Six
Fault Sense
Module Slots: Two
Power Supply
Module Slots: Two
Dimensions: 5.22 High (3U),
19 Inches Wide,
and 15 Inches Deep
Weight: 25 Pounds With Full Complement of
Finish: Clear Anodized Aluminum
Temperature: -30
C to +60
C, With Modules
Humidity: 95% Relative, Non-Condensing,
With Modules
Agency: CE Mark
Approvals: FCC, Class B

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