THALES PRC-7332 Liberty Multiband (VHF, UHF, 700 & 800Mhz) P25 FPP GOO – Used Radios

THALES PRC-7332 Liberty Multiband (VHF, UHF, 700 & 800Mhz) P25 FPP GOOD CONDITION


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Description :

THALES PRC-7332 Liberty Multiband (VHF, UHF, 700 & 800Mhz) PHASE 1 P25 field programmable radio.   Each radio includes an individual charger, full spectrum antenna, NEW lithium battery w/ belt clip, one spare USED battery and field operations guide.   All radios are in good condition and guaranteed fully operational.  The cosmetic condition of the radio is Good to Fair as seen in the pictures.  Features included are field programmable, P25 Trunking, AES & DES Encryption, OTAR, MDC1200 and wideband.  We also have programming cables for these radios for an extra $95.00 if interested.  Please inquire if you are interested in higher quantities of radios as we can do discounted pricing and include Six-Bank Multi-chargers.  Sorry, but we are unable to program trunking systems for you.  If you have any questions please contact us at, or by calling 720-459-7557.


Frequency Range :

VHF (136-174 MHz)

UHF (380-520 MHz)

700 (769-775 Rx/Tx, 799-805 Tx MHz)

800 (806-824 Tx, 851-869 Rx/Tx MHz)


Modes of Operation:

Analog 12.5/25 kHz

P25 Digital (12.5 kHz), Conventional

P25 Trunking


Channel Spacing:

12.5/25 kHz Channels

2.5/3.125 kHz Frequency Increments


Frequency Stability:

1.5 ppm (-30

C to +60



Legacy Analog FM Radios

MDC-1200 Signaling

P25 Digital Radios

P25 Trunking Systems


Programmable Channels:

Up to 2608 Conventional Channels or Trunked Talkgroups (Any Combination)

10 Banks (Groups of Zones)

175 Zones (Up to 16 Channels/Talkgroups Each)


User Programmable from:

  • Front Panel Menu
  • PC Programmer
  • Radio-to-Radio Cloning


Clear/Encrypted Selection on a Channel-by-Channel or Talkgroup Base

Password Protected to Limit Access


Key features include:

  • All public safety frequency bands: 136-174Mhz, 380-520Mhz, 700 and 800 MHz
  • Multiple modes: Project 25 (P25) conventional and trunked; Legacy analog
  • OFB DES and AES encryption
  • Over-the-Air-Rekey (OTAR)
  • Mil Spec rugged
  • Submersible to two meters
  • Field Programmable

Benefits include: 

  • Direct connection for federal agencies, state/local governments, DoD
  • Perfect "Cache" radio for natural disasters
  • Mutual aid channels for rapid deployment

Approvals include: 

  • DOI:
    • Tiers 1, 2, and 3
    • Fire, Law Enforcement
  • DHS Project 25 CAP: 
    • RKB Database: Product Details
    • RKB Database: Certification and Declaration Details (SDoC)
  • OTAR:
    • Customs and Border Protection
  • J/F-12 Certified

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