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Motorola NNTN8203 Speaker Mic


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This is a Motorola NNTN8203 XE RSM Speaker Mic.

This mic is the first accessory from Motorola with dual microphones that helps suppress interfering background noise. It can also suppress noise so effectively, you can communicate in various noise environments--including pumper trucks, crowd noise and sirens. A large speaker delivers audio that is 50 percent louder than existing mics.

Compatible:  APX6000 APX7000 SRX2200

This high-visibility, bright green XE RSM features an asymmetrical shape to help you easily find the controls. The XE RSM features a large push-to-talk button and an extra-large emergency button, they are shielded so they’re not set off accidentally.

The XE RSM features a strobe light that activates when the emergency button is pressed. This mic is IP68 rated (submersibility) and has a unique water-draining speaker design. To protect your RSM from extreme heat, this mic offers Xtreme Temperature Cable with a melt temperature of 500ºF.

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