Motorola XTS5000 Model 3 Portable Radio


  • $875.00

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The Motorola XTS5000 Model 3 is a P25 Digital Radio, please see the model breakdown below.  These radios are in great condition and come complete with radio, battery, antenna, belt clip and charger. 

VHF 136-174, 256CH, 5W MODEL 3 H18KEH9PW7AN
UHF 403-470, 256CH, 4W MODEL 3 H18QDH9PW7AN
UHF 450-520, 256CH, 4W MODEL 3 H18SDH9PW7AN
800MHZ 764-870, 1000CH, 3W MODEL 3 H18UCH9PW7AN


Flashcode Info:

UHF 500008-000482-8
VHF 500001-000000-8
800 Mhz 100008-000482-8

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