Motorola XTS5000 Model 1 Portable Radio


  • $595.00

45 Available.


This is a Motorola XTS5000 Model 1, 48 CH, P25 Digital portable radio, please see the model breakdown below.  These radios are in excellent shape and come complete with radio, antenna, battery, belt clip and rapid charger.  

VHF 136-174, 48CH, 5W MODEL 1 H18KEC9PW5AN
UHF 403-470, 48CH, 4W MODEL 1 H18QDC9PW5AN
UHF 450-520, 48CH, 4W MODEL 1 H18SDC9PW5AN
800MHZ 764-870, 48CH, 3W MODEL 1 H18UCC9PW5AN


Flashcode Info:

UHF 180008-000482-9
VHF 180001-001002-5
800 100008-000482-8

NOTE:  If you would like special programming please leave a note on the checkout page.

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