Motorola XTS4000


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Also known as: XTS-4000, XTS 4000

The Motorola XTS4000 is 850 CH, 2 Watt,  P25 Digital Radio.  Unit come complete with Radio, Battery, Interchangeable Charger (Wall and Vehicle) and Holster/Belt Clip.  If you have additional questions, please call, 720-459-7557. 

VHF Model #: H18KCN9PW9_N 

UHF Model #: H18QCN9PW9_N



Color Display

9600cc & 3600cc Trunking



Conventional Call Features (ASTRO)

Channel & Zone Selection

Talk & Listen Talk group calls


Secure (ADP, AES and DES)

Text Messaging


Caller ID Display:

Keypad: 3x7 - Keypad


Caller ID Display: 

  • 1 line of icons
  • 1 line of text
  • 14 characters per line


Main Display:

  • RGB Color
  • 2 lines of icons
  • 4 lines of text (including menu line)
  • 14 characters per line with dynamic resizing
  • Dim & Auto-Light Timer

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