Motorola XTS3000 Model 1 Portable Radio


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This is Motorola "XTS3000" (also seen as "XTS 3000" or "XTS-3000") Model 1 (also seen as "Model I" or "Model i") this portable radio is capable of both digital (P25) and analog operation and is checked by an Aeroflex machine.  Radio purchase includes Radio, Battery, Belt Clip, Antenna and Rapid Charger

Radio Specs:

VHF 136-174, 48CH, 5W MODEL 1 H09KDC9PW5BN
UHF 403-470, 48CH, 4W MODEL 1 H09RDC9PW5BN
UHF 450-520, 48CH, 4W MODEL 1 H09SDC9PW5BN
800MHZ 806-870, 48CH, 3W MODEL 1 H09UCC9PW5BN

Radio Flashcode:

UHF 500001-000000-8
VHF 500001-000000-8
800 540008-000480-6


 If you need up to 16 channels of programming, please  fill our out programming form here

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