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Motorola HT750 Portable Radio


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    The Motorola HT750 is 4 and 16 channel radio available in Low Band, VHF and UHF.  Units are in good shape and come complete with battery, belt clip, antenna, and charger.

    Radio, Band, Split, Ch, Watts          Model Number

    HT750 - LOWBAND 29-42, 4CH, 6W AAH25BEC9AA2AN
    HT750 - LOWBAND 29-42, 16CH, 6W AAH25BEC9AA3AN
    HT750 - LOWBAND 35-50, 4CH, 6W AAH25CEC9AA2AN
    HT750 - LOWBAND 35-50, 16CH, 6W AAH25CEC9AA3AN
    HT750 - VHF 136-174, 4CH, 5W AAH25KDC9AA2AN
    HT750 - VHF 136-174, 16CH, 5W AAH25KDC9AA3AN
    HT750 - UHF 403-470, 4CH, 4W AAH25RDC9AA2AN
    HT750 - UHF 403-470, 16CH, 4W AAH25RDC9AA3AN
    HT750 - UHF 403-470, 16CH, 4W, FULL KEYPAD AAH25RDG9AA4AN
    HT750 - UHF 450-512, 4CH, 4W AAH25SDC9AA2AN
    HT750 - UHF 450-512 , 16CH, 4W AAH25SDC9AA3AN

    NOTE:  If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout.  We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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