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Motorola HT1550 XLS VHF (136-174MHz) Portable Radio


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This is the Motorola HT1550 XLS (also seen as "HT 1550" or "HT-1550").

This Portable Two-Way Handheld Radio has a UHF band with a 136-174 MHz split, is 5 Watts and has 160 Channels.

Band, Split, Ch, Watts
Model Number
VHF- 136-174 MHz, 160 Channels, 5 Watts

The Motorola HT1550 XLS comes complete with antenna, battery, belt clip and charger.

Radio Features:

Radio is capable of conventional and LTR trunking operation and includes the following:

  • Up to 160 conventional channels and/or 15 trunked zones
  • Up to 99 channels per conventional zone & up to 16 talkgroups per LTR zone
  • LTR Trunking Capability
  • Emergency Siren Button
  • Internal VOX
  • EscalertTM Call Features
  • Quik-Call II Signaling (decode)
  • MDC 1200 Signaling (encode/decode)
  • X-Pand Audio Enhancement
  • Programmable function buttons for easy access to features
  • High/low power adjustments to conserve battery life
  • Scan mode to scan channels for activity
  • Monitor transmissions to locate clear channels
  • Repeater talkaround for unit to unit communication, bypassing the repeater

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