Motorola EX600 XLS Portable Radio


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This the Motorola EX600 XLS (also seen as "EX-600" or "EX 600"). This Portable Two-Way Handheld Radio comes complete with antenna, battery, belt clip and rapid charger.  This radio is capable of both conventional use and LTR trunking. It is available in the Bandwidths below:


VHF 136-174, 160CH, 5W AAH38KDH9DU6AN
UHF 403-470, 160CH, 4W AAH38RDH9DU6AN
UHF 450-520, 160CH, 4W AAH38SDH9DU6AN


The EX600 XLS has the following features:

  • Programmable Emergency Button
  • 160 Channels
  • X-Pand Audio Enhancement
  • Internal VOX; hands-free operation with headset
  • 3 Programmable function buttons for easy access to features
  • High/low power adjustments to conserve battery life
  • Scan mode to scan channels for activity
  • Monitor transmissions to locate clear channels
  • Repeater talkaround for unit to unit communication, bypassing the repeater
  • Quik Call IITM and MDC1200 Signaling
  • Push-to-Talk ID
  • Selective Call
  • Call Alert
  • Radio Check
  • Emergency
  • Selective Radio Inhibit
  • Audio accessories to enhance radio capability

The EX600-XLS is a trunking capable model and adds the following additional features:

  • Programmable Emergency Button that sounds an alarm or alerts dispatcher in urgent situations
  • 160 conventional channels with up to 99 channels per zone, or 15 trunked zones with 16 talkgroups each
  • 14-Character Alphanumeric Display with user friendly icons that provide clear, easy-to-read indicators including:
    • Zone, Talkgroup, and Channel
    • Battery Gauge Indicator for effective power management
    • Radio Strength Signal Indicator (RSSI)
  • 6 Programmable Buttons that allow access to your favorite features, including:
    • Dual Priority Channel Scan to ensure that you don't miss critical calls
    • Monitor/Permanent Monitor to monitor a specific channel
    • Repeater Talkaround to bypass the repeater when necessary
    • Home Channel Revert to automatically access a preferred channel
  • Control Buttons to easily manage menu, navigation, and exit functions
  • Telephone Interconnect Capability to place and receive phone calls

NOTE:  If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout.  We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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