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Motorola EX560 Portable Radio


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This is a Motorola EX560 XLS 160 Channel radio available in UHF and VHF.   Unit is capable of both conventional and LTR trunking operation. This is the unit that replaces the EX600 and EX500,  radio is in good condition and comes complete with antenna, battery, belt clip and rapid charger.

Radio, Band, Split, Ch, Watts      Model Number

EX560 XLS - VHF 136-174, 16CH, 5W AAH38KDF9DU6AN
EX560 XLS - UHF 403-470, 16CH, 4W AAH38RDF9DU6AN
EX560 XLS - UHF 450-512, 16CH, 4W AAH38SDF9DU6AN

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