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This is a Motorola Astro Spectra Railroad VHF 50 Watts 142-174 Mhz Clean Cab P25 mobile radio, model number R04KKH9PW4AN . These are 50 watt, 99 ch with a band split of 142-174. These are Pre-loaded with the AAR 99 railroad frequencies. These units are capable of both APCO 25 (P25) and analog operation, along with MDC signalling. These will also do all of the 2013 narrow band requirement. All 99 channels can be programmed into the unit via the keypad. Radio can be powered up and TX with a 12 volt plug which will be sent with each unit. I have 15 of these units that . .


Programming –
All ASTRO Clean Cabs come
complete with the Association of American Railroads
(AAR) Frequency Allocation Plan (FAP) (1-97) as well
as the new 12.5kHz narrowband channels (107-197)
and the seven NOAA weather channels (100-106).
All radio features are programmable via either the
ASTRO Mobile CPS or the ASTRO Clean Cab
RSS/CPS software.
Narrowband Operation –
The ASTRO Clean Cab is
capable of 12.5kHz narrowband operation and has the
new FAP narrowband channels (107-197) programmed
in the factory.
Digital Migration –
The ASTRO Clean Cab is
designed to aid in the migration from the current
analog voice infrastructure to an APCO/P25 digital
infrastructure. An unique feature of this radio is the
capability of the operator to switch transmit modes
from analog to digital with the press of a button. A
LED indicator on the control head lets the user know
which mode is selected. The radio is designed to
receive either analog or digital automatically. This
allows rail corridors to be migrated without the need
of reprogramming the ASTRO Clean Cab.
Intuitive User Ergonomics –
The ASTRO Clean Cab
control ergonomics were designed to be similar to the
existing Spectra Clean Cab to aid the end users in
training. Even though the radio is capable of 255
channels, the first 99 channels may be entered with
only four digits (the leading zeros are automatically
added). Channels 100-255 must be entered with
all six digits.
Data Operation –
The ASTRO Clean Cab supports the
APCO 9600 Baud Data protocol and has a dedicated
RS232 port for routing customer data (work orders,
track warrants, track bulletins, schedules, manifests,
engine health, GPS, etc.) to and from the radio.
3600 Baud Digital Trunking –
The ASTRO Clean Cab
is capable of supporting 3600 baud digital trunking. A
dedicated button on the control head allows for
trunking modes to be accessed by the end user.
Home Mode Operation –
The ASTRO Clean Cab is
capable of supporting up to 99 home modes. These
modes are programmed in the CPS and accessed via
the control head by the end user.
Expanded Dispatch Call –
The ASTRO Clean Cab is
capable of 1, 2 or 3 digit dispatcher call sequences.
These sequences are either programmed in CPS or may
be programmed by the end user via the control head

NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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