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Harris M/A-Com M7300 700MHz Mobile Radio (P25/OpenSky)


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This is a M/A-Com Harris M7300 700|800 Mhz radio, model number MAMW-SDMXX. Radio is capable of both wide band and narrow band operation.  Radio comes complete with control head (w bracket), control cable, power cable, external speaker, and palm mic. Radios were last read with Radio Personality Manager software (RPM These units have been upgraded to work on both both EDACS | Opensky Trunking systems, the units can also do P25 conventional operation. Radios feature codes are listed below along with the complete list of radio features available. If it is highlighted it is a feature that is in the radio.

Radios Feature Codes: 01, 09, 10, 23, 25 33 (Highlighted Below)


01 Conventional Priority Scan
02 EDACS 3 Site System Scan
03 Public Address
04 EDACS Group Scan
05 EDACS Priority System Scan
06 EDACS/P25 ProScan (ProSound / Wide Area Scan)
07 EDACS/P25 Dynamic Regroup
08 EDACS/P25 Emergency
09 Type 99 Encode and Decode
10 Conventional Emergency
11 RX Preamp
12 Digital Voice
13 VGE Encryption
14 DES Encryption
15 VGS Encryption - User-defined speech encryption
16 EDACS/P25 Mobile Data
17 EDACS/P25 Status/Message
18 EDACS/P25 Test Unit
19 M-RK I Second Bank
20 OpenSky AES Encryption (128-Bit)
21 EDACS Security Key (ESK) / Personality Lock
22 ProFile
23 Narrow Band
24 Auto Power Control
25 OpenSky Voice
26 OpenSky Data
27 OpenSky OTAR
28 OpenSky AES Encryption (256-Bit)
29 ProVoice
30 Limited Feature Expansion (LPE-50/P5100/P5200/M5300)
31 Smart Battery
32 FIPS 140-2
33 P25 Common Air Interface (CAI) – P25 Conventional
34 Direct Frequency Entry
35 P25 Over-The-Air ReKeying (P25 OTAR)
36 Personality Cloning
37 EDACS/P25 AES Encryption (256-Bit)
38 Radio TextLink
39 P25 Trunking
40 700Mhz Only

NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.