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Radio Programming Embedded

This form is intended to assist in fulfilling your radio programming needs. If you recently placed an order through or eBay and have been directed to this programming form, please fill out your contact information and all necessary fields in the programming form below. If you placed an order through eBay, please be sure to include the eBay auction number in the field below. If you did not place an order that requires programming, please disregard this form and continue shopping.  Please send completed forms to
    • The first 16 channels of programming are free with any purchase.
    • Note: the number of characters allowed for Alpha Tags is different for each radio. The buyer assumes responsibility for supplying with the correct number of Alpha Tag characters. Any characters over a radios allowed number of Alpha Tag characters will be left off.
  • Channel
    (1 to 16)
    CSQ Tone)
    CSQ Tone)
    (12.5 or
    25 kHz)
    Alpha Tag
    E.g. - Channel 1 469.3250 203.5 469.3250 203.5 25 Y Fire 1