Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 900MHz Portable Radio ADP Encryption


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Product Overview

This is a Motorola XTS2500 Model 3 900 MHz portable radio. This radio is capable of both analog and P25 9600 baud trunking operation. Unit comes complete with antenna, Impres battery, Impres rapid charger, and belt clip.  If using this unit for HAM band operation this will require a modified code plug. We do not offer that service.

  • 896-941 MHz
  • 800ch
  • 2W
  • Smartzone ADP Encryption
  • P25 Digital
  • Flashcode: 500098-00148C-6
  • H46WCH9PW7BN

NOTE: If your order needs programming services, please enter your programming details in “Special instructions for seller” field during checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review