Motorola STR3000 700MHz Trunking System (P25)


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Product Overview

This is a 5 Channel Motorola 700 Mhz P25 Digital Trunking System. This is a complete package that consists of the following:
  • (5) Motorola STR3000 100 Watt Repeaters 700 Mhz Repeaters
  • (1) HP Procurve Switch
  • (2) PSC9600 Controllers
  • (1) RFS Celwave 6 Channel Combiner (700 mhz) Model - 0183349Y01
  • (1) RFS Celwave RX LNA - Multicoupler / Filter Fan Tray (700 Mhz) Model - 0183349Y01
  • (1) RFS Celwave Analog Power Meter Model - 0183810X07
  • (1) Trak 9100
  • (1) All necessary Cabling

You have the option of either AC/DC power supplies (shown) or the DC only power supplies that normally ship with the STR3000. Photos show the AC/DC option without the face plate, in either case the power supplies will have the standard face plate that cover the power supply. This system was part of a larger Multi-site 7.x Smartzone P25 system. System is currently staged in our facility and guaranteed fully functional. The STR3000 repeaters are digital only and require CSS programming software to set up. When disconnected from a Smartzone system the PSC9600 controllers revert to Single Site P25 trunking operation. Free programming and staging are included. This is a turn key setup, all you need is antenna and line and you are operational. Will have to calculate shipping charges after the auction. 

NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review