Motorola MTS2000 Model 1 800MHz Portable Radio


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MTS2000-M1 1
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Product Overview

This is the Motorola MTS2000 Model I (also seen as "MTS-2000" or "MTS 2000"). This 800 band, 48 mode radio, Portable Two-Way Handheld Radio has a H37 SMARTNET upgrade and is a 3 watt, 48 channel and has a 806-870 Mhz split band (best for [821] Public Safety and Commercial).

  • Band:  800MHz
  • Split:  806-870MHz
  • Ch:  48
  • Watts:  3W  

This Radio comes complete with antenna, rapid charger, and battery. These units are capable of both narrow band and wide band operation.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review