Motorola MTC3600 Smartnet II Controller (7ch)

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Product Overview

This is a Motorola MTC3600 Smartnet/Smartzone site controller. This unit replaces the larger 6809 series of controllers. Controller is currently configured for a 7 channel trunking system. This unit came out of a working environment and is guaranteed fully operational. If you have a code from an existing system we are able to load your existing codeplug into this new system.

MTC3600 Cards:

This system is set up for trunking with a console connection, the following cards are included with this unit. Additional cards such as DCB (Simulcast) ACE and upgraded CPU's are also available.
  • System Alarm
  • CPU - MCP750 
  • ACE - Version G (1 Card = 7 Channels) System can support up to 4 ACE cards or 28 channels
  • TCI - Console Connection
  • LSB- Console Connection
If you have an older style controller like a 6809 or Startsite you would need to have a new codeplug programmed by Motorola. We can help get you in touch with System Upgrades to fill out the information for the new birth record (code plug). This item would need to be purchased from Motorola the last customer spent $5k for this service. If you need a complete system just email or call us with your specs and we can set up an auction for the complete package. We also have several complete systems up for auction that you can also modify to meet your needs. .

NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review