Motorola BC-130 UHF (450-470MHz) Portable Radio (6-Pack "Security" Kit)

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6-Pack BC-130 1

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Product Overview

BearCom BC-130 | MagOne | Motorola BPR-40, model # AAH84RCJ8AA2AN.  These are 4 Watt, 16 Channel, UHF radios with a band split of 450-470. 

Kit includes: (6) BC130 Radios, (6) Chargers w/ adapters, (6) Batteries, (6) Antennas, (6) In-ear surveillance mics & up to (16) channels programmed for no extra charge.

-16 channels for clear communication to a wide group
-2 programmable buttons for easy access to frequently used features
-Small size and light weight provides comfort during long work shifts
-High/Low power provides flexibility for a variety of situations
-Great coverage


(No reviews yet) Write a Review