Kenwood EF Johnson VP5230 F2 VHF 136-174Mhz P25 Conventional Trunking Encryption


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Kenwood EF Johnson VP5230 F2 VHF 136-174Mhz P25 Conventional Trunking Encryption


Description :

Kenwood EF Johnson VP5230 F2 VHF (136-174 Mhz) P25 Conventional Trunking portable radios.   Please see below for included features.  Units are in great condition and are guaranteed fully operational.  Units come complete as pictured -- radio, antenna, belt clip, charger and Li-ion battery.  If you have any questions please contact us.
1024 Ch
Analog Conv
P25 Conv
P25 Phase 1
ARC4 Software Encryption
Wide Band Disable

Product Info : (These radios are capable of following options but DO NOT have all of them in them currently - see above options for what is included in this listing)

  • Mixed protocol operation (Phase 1 & 2, Viking16, FM Analog)
  • Mixed protocol zones (each channel in a zone can be from a different system)
  • 1024 channels
  • 1 Watt audio output for high noise environments
  • Voice annunciation & custom announcement creation
  • Fully ruggedized & MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G
  • Full key models (w/numeric keypad) & standard key models (w/o numeric keypad)
  • Built-In GPS receiver/antenna for enhanced awareness
  • P25 Authentication
  • Bluetooth®*
  • Man Down
  • Instant Recording Relay (IRR)
  • Voice Recording
  • Encryption
    • ARC4™ software encryption; compatible with Motorola ADP™ 
    • DES-OFB
    • AES-256 (FIPS 140-2) Single and Multi-Key
    • Over-the-Air-Rekeying (OTAR)
    • VK5000 or Motorola KVL3000/KVL4000 Keyloader

NOTE:  If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout.  We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.




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