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Kenwood TK-5400 800MHz Portable Radio (P25)


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This is a Kenwood TK5400 800 Mhz P25 Trunking portable. This is a 3 watt radio that has a band split of 806-870 Mhz. Unit is capable of both analog and P25 digital operation. These are comparable to the XTS3000 series of radios. All units are bench checked by our techs prior to shipping and guaranteed fully operational. Units come complete with battery, antenna, belt clip and charger. 


  • 800MHz 
  • P25 Digital Conventional
  • P25 Digital Trunking (included)
  • Talk Group ID Lists
  • Individual ID Lists
  • Caller ID Display
  • Emergency Call Features
  • Emergency Man-Down Option
  • Encryption Key Delete
  • DES 16-Key Encryption Option

General Features


Project 25 Trunking & Conventional
The TK-5400 is fully compliant with the Project 25 digital trunking and digital conventional suite of TIA/EIA 102 standards. Besides solving the channel shortage problem of analog systems, this digital format was developed to provide enhanced data transmission and security, as well as to facilitate inter-agency operations.

512-Channel Capacity
The TK-5400 handles a large combination of single sites and simulcast networks with a maximum capacity of 512 radio channels. The dynamic memory allocation permits flexible organization to match the systems and different departmental users needs such as 16 Zones each programmable up to 250 Personalities. Each Personality has an associated system (1-of-16 pre-programmed set of system parameters) and a channel or trunked talkgroup.

Each system set has designated type of either conventional or trunking. Conventional systems can have 1-of-16 Scan Lists (31 members per list) and dual priority scanning. A trunking system has an associated talkgroup and a Network parameter set (1-of-16 pre-programmed sets) if applicable. Individual and group selective calling are available via a 250 member talkgroup list and a the caller ID function displays a callers zone name and talkgroup ID in the LCD.

Channel Scan Features
The TK-5400 offers traditional Conventional Scan (single & dual priority) for FM mode and three scan types for Project 25 digital mode to accommodate scanning mixed systems, these are: Conventional Scan (single & dual priority), Limited Talkgroup Scan for conventional and trunking personalities (no priority scan) and Priority Monitor Scan which scans only trunking personalities (single & dual priority available).

Mixed Mode
In conventional mode the TK-5400 will detect both FM analog and P25 digital calls on the same channel.

Enhanced Security
An automatic "man-down" emergency alert function is optionally available.

Convenient Network Features
In digital mode, the TK-5400 offers features such as a site search including "background hunt", that looks for sites within the system offering better signal strength. And when the user travels out of the coverage area, the LCD provides an "out of range" alert.


The TK-5400 comes with a standard 10-hour KNB-22N Ni-MH battery pack.

Programmable LED
A recessed two-color LED provides visual indication of transmit/warning (red) and receive (green), but this function can be disabled to facilitate law enforcement or covert work.

DTMF Signaling & Dialing Features
A standard PTT ID provides a built-in ANI for business and industrial applications (both keypad and non-keypad models).
Besides providing manual DTMF for remote control functionality and dialing features for telephone interconnect and/or PBX access, the keypad model offers extra versatility in that all the 12 keys are programmable.

The sensitivity of the built-in VOX feature can be adjusted (16 levels) to suit each user and situation.

Flash Memory
The TK-5400 is equipped with flash memory to facilitate upgrades.

PC Programming
Setting up the TK-5400 is simple, thanks to the powerful programming software and programming cable.

Other Features

  • Programmable channel spacing (25kHz/20kHz/12.5kHz) 
  • Companded audio (FM mode) 
  • Programmable beeps (power on, key input,warning, etc.) 
  • Busy channel lockout 
  • Talk around
  • Embedded message 
  • Radio password 
  • Battery save
  • Low battery warning 
  • Time out timer
NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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