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Motorola MCC7500 IP Dispatch Console w/Encryption


  • $1,700.00

28 Available.

These are a Motorola MCC7500 console model number B1911A. There are 2 type's of MCC7500 IP based consoles GPOIM and the newer VPM version. (If you need the current MCC7500 VPM models we have 40+ of these units also available) These are the GPOIM based consoles are designed to work with Motorola Zone Controllers (CORE). They were removed from a working environment and replaced with the MCC7500 VPM Model, current firmware installed was for a 7.5 Zone Controller. This package comes with the MCC7500, Audio Card, AES256 Encryption Card, and all necessary cabling. If you currently use the MCC7500 GPOIM versions all you will need is a PC that will accept 2 audio cards and a few peripheral items such as: Foot Switch, Headset Jack, Speakers etc and you will be up and running. 

Feature and Benefits:

  • Emergency calls are prioritized to connect no matter how busy the network
  • Voice quality is optimized to eliminate clipped or degraded audio
  • High audio quality maintained regardless of traffic loads
  • Calls are set up in a fraction of a second, regardless of system size
  • Voice messages are delivered quickly
  • Call traffic is automatically re-routed in the event of IP-network failure, minimizing impact on the end user
  • Dispatch performance is enhanced and bandwidth used most efficiently by using IP multicast technology
  • True end-to-end encryption to keep all communications secure
  • Centralized Configuration and Fault Management allows access to the network manager from remote locations via standard IP
  • Enhanced, integrated logging with digital audio
  • Agency Partitioning allows agencies to share a system while maintaining control over own resources
  • Compatible with existing ASTRO®25 Trunking Systems with forward migration to leverage your investment
  • Simplified installation and lower site costs because the console operator position functions without backroom electronics
  • Integrates with PremierOne™ CAD to simplify operations, improve data accuracy enhance efficiencies.
NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.

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