Extended One Year Warranty – Used Radios
Extended Coverage Plan (ECP) | 1-Year

Extended One Year Warranty

Used Radios

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 All purchases come with a complementary 90 Day warranty but if you can extend the coverage on your used radio up to a year with our EXTENDED WARRANTY!  The coverage begins on the date of purchase.  If the unit cannot be repaired it will be replaced, if the exact unit is not available it will be replaced with a similar comparable/compatible unit. 

What IS covered...

1. Board Level Component Failure (PA, Receiver, Transmitter)

2. Speaker Failure

3.  Knob / Button / Feature Failure

4.  Accessory Jack Failure


What IS NOT covered:

1.  Physical Damage - From drops, kicks, fire, explosions and acts of God.

2.  Water/Liquid Damage - From spills, submersion and acts of God

3.  Programming Errors - Communication issues resulting from incorrect programming information. 

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