Communications in Catastrophes – Used Radios

Communications in Catastrophes

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During a catastrophe, the importance of communicating efficiently & in a timely manner cannot be overstated.  When the safety of citizens is at risk, communicating with your Emergency Response Team (ERT) is absolutely critical.  

So what do you do when cell phones go out?  How do you communicate to your ERT?  The answer...Two-Way Radios.

There are many reasons ERTs use Two-Way Radios over cellular communications, but here are just a few:

  • RELIABILITY:  Cell phones are (3) times more likely to fail.  Two-Way Radios are not affected by cellular tower outages,
  • EFFICIENCY:  Communicate with entire Team at once.  When quick-response is crucial, you cannot waste time communicating to your Team.
  • BATTERY LIFE:  Can last up to (17) hours of constant use.  On average, Two-Way Radio batteries will last twice as long as a cellular device.
  • LOCOST OF OPERATION:  No monthly payments.  The average monthly cellular bill is $50.00 per user!!

    As natural disasters & sudden crisis situations can occur without notice, it is crucial to always be prepared with operable Two-Way Radios for your emergency needs.  

    TIP:  Be sure to have all radios & equipment assessed for any repairs that may be needed & for standard Preventive Maintenance.  At a minimum, this should be done Annually.  

    Visit our Repair Page for more information on equipment assessment.

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