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Communication is Security

Posted by Eli Bowser on

Recently there has been a renewed call for tighter security during public events where people are gathered together in larger numbers. This includes but is not limited to schools, churches, concerts, theatres, etc...

With armed security being such a controversial issue, the next most practical way to prevent this violence is proper communication & an effective communication/security team.

Most Security companies agree when they say these individuals should have a cellphone at their disposal and/or two-way radios so they can alert individuals in the building of suspicious people and behavior.  The most important thing is to make sure that designated security personnel are at public gathering outlets scanning parking lots and generally looking around with a watchful eye.  Schools, churches, concert venues & other “gatherings” must be proactive in security plans, training and communication.

"Violence and mass shooting are all around us," says insurance safety consultant Dale Rothenberger. "It seems to be the way of the world today, and what we are trying to create is a general awareness, even though these kinds of events are never an exact science as to where or when or how they happen."

I think we’d all rather prevent a shooting than respond to one.  The presence of a well-trained security team along with a set of reliable two-way radios can & has saved many lives.


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