Bird Technologies 900MHz Combiner (150W)

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Product Overview

The TX/RX (Bird Technologies) 9 Channel TX Combiner can handle frequencies in the 900 Mhz range with a max power output of 150 watts. This system was removed from a decommissioned site, equipment is in excellent shape and guaranteed fully operational.

(9) 21-95-11-XX T Pass Combiners with dual isolators.
(1) Receive Multicoupler - 42-94-32-08-117
(1) Pre Amplifier

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Product Description:

21-95-11-xx-T Series, 935-960 MHz T-Pass Expansion Channel assemblies consist of the following items:
  • A 6.625” or 10” 3-quarterwave T-Pass® cavity filter
  • A dual ferrite isolator, with RF loads and coaxial cable for connection to the cavity
  • An RF sampler to measure RF power reflected into the isolator output load
  • Isolator and channel mounting hardware

Item No 21-95-11-xx-T Series
Item Name 935-960 MHz, T-Pass Expansion Channels
Frequency Range 935-960 MHz
Cavity Diameter 6.625"
Isolator Power 150 W
Isolator Load Pwr - Continuous See Notes
For Use with Starter Channel - Model No 21-95-11-xx-TS

NOTE: If your order includes programming, please email us a request for our Programming Form after checkout. We will only program up to 16 channels and do not program for trunking systems.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review